Cool Citrus Basil Soy Candle

$ 20.00 USD

invigorate your senses

Light this natural soy candle to create the perfect aromatic blend of fresh-cut basil and cooling citrus. Notes of orange zest will fill your kitchen before a party to create a bright, welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Burn the Cool Citrus Basil candle in your office to awaken your senses and feel more alive, happy, and productive. 

Artisanal creations from North Carolina using premium sustainable Soy. Hand poured in small batches for longer, stronger, and cleaner burning candles. 
Burn Time: Jars 50 hours. Travel Tins 20 hours.
Lead-free Cotton Wick.
Phthalate Free. No colors. No additives. No fillers.

Category: Refreshing, Spring, Summer

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