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Indian Sandalwood Soy Candle


Create an Indulgent, Luxurious Atmosphere

This soy candle combines luscious cedarwood aromas and essential oils to create our gorgeous Indian Sandalwood fragrance. Created from renewable soy and natural extracts, the Indian Sandalwood soy candle fills any room with a unique aroma that improves your mood and removes the stressful weight of the day off your shoulders. When you light this homemade candle, you'll be met with notes of fragrant timber and oil. A classic choice that burns for 55 hours in a simple, elegant, and recyclable glass candle vessel. A perfect introduction to aromatherapy, give this soy candle as a gift to a friend or yourself.

We hand-craft amazingly scented natural soy candles in small batches creating a long-burning distinctive scent in a classically modern re-useable glass vessel allowing you to #ScentYourStyle.

Burn Times

  • Our classically modern glass status jar vessels (9 oz) will burn for over 50 to 60 hours. These are great for large rooms.
  • Our sleek metal travel tins (3 oz), perfect for smaller spaces, will burn for 15 to 20 hours.

About Our Candles

  • The room-filling scent will last the entire life of your candle.  Phthalate Free. We use NO colors, NO additives, NO fillers ever
  • Plant based natural SOY is the core ingredient in all of our candles.  It is 100% renewable soybeans grown by American farmers.
  • Wicks are lead free cotton which creates a clean burning candle eliminating soot typically associated with a candle.
  • Handmade in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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