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Clean Cotton Diffuser Oil

Enjoy a Taste of the Simple Life

Creating the nostalgic smell of fresh laundry gusting on the line on a windy day, this Clean Cotton soy candle creates a clean aroma that's fresh and bright. This handmade candle is layered with lemon and green apple, cedar and jasmine, and violet and lavender.

About our Diffuser Oil
  • Our diffuser oils are specially formulated to fill your home, office or car with a scent that will tingle your senses.   These blended oils are the same concentrated aromas used in our famous candles. 
  • These 0.5 ounce (15 ml) bottles works wonderfully in a ultrasonic water based diffuser, a fan-based unit or in a warmer.

#ScentYourStyle with just a few drops of these amazingly scented diffuser oils.  Each bottle has over 40 uses.

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