Asian Pear & Lily Soy Candle

$ 20.00 USD

be transported into the exotic far east

A combination of mouthwatering Nashi Pear with the unique fragrance of Lilly. This candle has a poetic soul that inspires creativity and romance, so you can light it whenever you want to read, study or research (or have your children studying in a focus-enhancing environment), or when you want to engage in your creative endeavors.

Hand poured in small batches for a longer, stronger, and cleaner burning candle. An artisanal creation from North Carolina using premium sustainable American-grown soy. Lead-free Cotton Wick. Phthalate Free. No colors. No additives. No fillers.

Estimated Burn Times
Jars - 50 hours        Tins - 30 hours        Mini - 15 hours


Category: Floral, Fruity

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