Bamboo Soy Candle

Unwind with the Tranquility of Bamboo

Handmade with eco-friendly candle wax, the bamboo scent is made from a complex union of bamboo foliage and rich, green florals. If you find it hard to relax, if you can't de-clutter your mind, simply light the Bamboo soy candle, and be transported to a tranquil state.

Our jar soy candles burn for over 50 hours, and tins burn for over 15 hours. The core ingredient in all of our candles is 100% renewable soybeans grown by American farmers. All the wicks are lead free cotton which creates a clean burning candle. We like to keep it simple! We use only the highest quality American-grown, eco-friendly ingredients with no colors, no additives, no fillers, and no excess packaging. 


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