Jackson's Pumpkin

smell the best part of autumn

The most classic autumn scent, the Pumpkin soy candle is the perfect way to celebrate the fall season. Light it to welcome your family and friends to Thanksgiving dinner, or when you want to feel comforted by the scent of fresh baked pie.

Artisanal creations from North Carolina using premium sustainable Soy. Hand poured in small batches for longer, stronger, and cleaner burning candles. 
Burn Time: Jars 50 hours
Lead-free Cotton Wick.
Phthalate Free. No colors. No additives. No fillers.
Jackson came to BSR in September of 2014 as a malnourished, weak, 7-month-old pup weighing 7 ½ pounds who had been diagnosed with diabetes at 2 ½ months of age. He was too weak to stand for long and his lower canine teeth were broken from chewing on rocks to try to avoid starvation. After three days in intensive care, his foster parents took him to Virginia where regular insulin injections and a good diet helped him regain strength. As he developed, other problems including 3 leaking heart valves, atrial fibrillation, digestive problems, and periodic collapses added to Jackson’s challenges. He has such a strong will to live that he has either overcome or adapted to each challenge and today lives a mostly normal and active life. Now, almost three years old, his great loves are swimming, long walks in the woods, soccer in the backyard, meeting new people, snuggling at the end of the day, his best buddie Bodie, the Lab, and his girlfriend Sophie, the Pug.