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Jamie Kimble Courage To Soar Candle

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The Jamie Kimble Foundation for Courage (JKFFC) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending intimate partner violence and abuse. Our priorities are prevention, education, awareness, and research.

Our mission is to create a future without intimate partner violence. To make that possible, we are dedicated to funding initiatives with defined outcomes that prevent intimate partner violence, that provide educational curriculum for youth and young adults, that promote awareness, and that provide credible research for the exploration of innovative methods that stop intimate partner violence.

Our work is supported by generous donors, like you. Purchase one of our candles to show your support for the foundation and for survivors everywhere.

This candle is called “Courage to Soar” and its scent is Basil Bravery.

Light this natural soy candle to create the perfect aromatic blend of fresh-cut basil and cooling citrus. Notes of orange zest will fill your kitchen before a party to create a bright, welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Burn the Cool Citrus Basil candle in your office to awaken your senses and feel more alive, happy, and productive.