Love Spell Soy Candle

$ 20.00 USD

warm your heart and fall in love

Our Love Spell soy candle provides the ultimate romantic atmosphere, with a mixture of juicy citrus scents and floral aromas. A handmade candle, Love Spell is a thoughtful gift for your life partner. Enjoy the aroma while you snuggle up together on the couch, simply enjoying each other's company for hours.

Artisanal creations from North Carolina using premium sustainable Soy. Hand poured in small batches for longer, stronger, and cleaner burning candles. 
Burn Time: Jars 50 hours. Travel Tins 20 hours.
Lead-free Cotton Wick.
Phthalate Free. No colors. No additives. No fillers.

Category: Floral, Spring

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