Orange Lavender Soy Candle

Two classic aromas captured in a candle that brings the experience of walking through an orchard of orange trees that is planted right in the middle of a Lavender field. This is a candle that holds the fragrance of spring from two different regions: the heat of the Mediterranean, and how it brings out the perfume of oranges in the orchard, and the scenic fresher touch of the French countryside, where Lavender is the queen of the herbs. Want to invite the European spring into your home? Light this candle and enjoy it.

Our jar soy candles burn for over 50 hours, and tins burn for over 15 hours. The core ingredient in all of our candles is 100% renewable soybeans grown by American farmers. All the wicks are lead free cotton which creates a clean burning candle. We like to keep it simple! We use only the highest quality American-grown, eco-friendly ingredients with no colors, no additives, no fillers, and no excess packaging.


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