Oscar & Cage's Christmas Memories

christmas just the way you remember

A magical blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, berries, nuts, apples, oranges, and spices perfectly create the Christmas of yesteryear.

Artisanal creations from North Carolina using premium sustainable Soy. Hand poured in small batches for longer, stronger, and cleaner burning candles. 
Burn Time: Jars 50 hours. 
Lead-free Cotton Wick.
Phthalate Free. No colors. No additives. No fillers.
Oscar and Gage: Oscar and Gage are PFCs living with an incredible foster family. Oscar was an owner surrender in September, 2016. He had been adopted out but when he experienced a sudden traumatic disc rupture, he had to come back into BSR when the estimated cost of care proved prohibitive for the adopter. Oscar's former foster flew to Atlanta to pick him up after surgery and take him home to Texas to rehabilitate in familiar surroundings. She had also had experience with spinal injury and surgery in her own Boykin so was familiar with his needs.
However, after several weeks had passed post-surgery, it was clear that Oscar's prospects of ever walking again were not good, and that BSR needed to focus on helping rebuild a life for him as a special needs, paralyzed dog. A permanent foster family was found for Oscar and his first foster tearfully watched her beloved boy move on to his next chapter in life. With his permanent foster family, Oscar has shown incredible spirit and resilience. Although he cannot walk, he is a master of fast scooting, wheelchair racing and swimming.
Gage entered BSR care after a traumatic back injury and disk rupture. Upon evaluation, it was determined that the time between injury and treatment and the lack of deep pain response/neural reflex did not make him a candidate for successful surgery. However, with time, Gage surprised everyone, including his neurologist, by "spinal walking" which, while not conscious and controlled movement, is more of a muscle memory that allows him to move upright.