Ruthie's Pomegranate Cider

unwind as fruity autumn fills the air

The smell of pomegranates fill the air with this fruit-scented soy candle, and with that aroma comes the warmth and comfort of cider. The Pomegranate Cider candle is a perfect accompaniment to an evening in. Put this handmade soy candle on the table as you dine with family and friends. The homey feel will make everyone feel cozy and conversational.

Artisanal creations from North Carolina using premium sustainable Soy. Hand poured in small batches for longer, stronger, and cleaner burning candles. 
Burn Time: Jars 50 hours.
Lead-free Cotton Wick.
Phthalate Free. No colors. No additives. No fillers.
Ruthie came into care as a senior who had not been well socialized in her prior life after the death of one owner. Subsequently, Ruthie has shown an aversion to many types of people and wants to resource guard her foster. In addition, she suffers from severe storm and separation anxiety. Ruthie also has a gastro intestinal issue requiring a specialized protein diet. Ruthie is a strong dog, both physically and in personality; and she and her foster work with a professional trainer on an on-going basis to address these issues and new ones as they come up. Ruthie's training will be a life-long process not to let her back-slide. Ruthie is a work in progress, but with consistent, diligent work, she has become the star of her weekly training classes, attends doggie daycare weekly for socialization and loves getting her picture taken.