New Location

New Location

I just can’t say how excited I am that we moved in with The Furniture Connector at its new store location - 129 Southside Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217.  Since the inception of Mallory’s Candles in 2010, we have worked out of our house, storage units and several temporary locations.   Somehow, it worked.    Looking back, I’m not really sure how we did it.  I guess it is a testament to following your dream.

In March, 2018, we changed all that.  Rodney Hines & The Furniture Connector team was graciously enough to rent space in their new 14,000 sq foot facility in Lower Southend.  We completed the move in May.   

Did I tell you how excited I am? For the first time in our short history, we have all of our supplies, production, warehouse and shipping under the same roof.  With this simple move, we have increased our candle making by three-fold.

The Furniture Connector also carries all of the Mallory Candle product line.   And, more is coming soon as we build out a gift area in the near future.

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