Three Scents To Start Your Day

Three Scents To Start Your Day

by Rachel Atkins

Mornings can be hard.  Between buzzing alarms, calendar reminders, family schedules, and just trying to eat enough breakfast to make it mid-way through the work-day, mornings are a hectic and often stressful time.

The way you wake up and start your morning can set the tone for your entire day.  By incorporating natural elements that promote healthy brain function, positive moods, and energy, you can transform your morning routine into a calm, stress-free environment that will impact the rest of your day, resulting in a more productive, successful, and enjoyable outlook.

Common natural elements such as lavender and chamomile are widely known for their calming properties that encourage relaxation.  While these elements are great for winding down at the end of a chaotic day, there are other natural properties that can help not only reduce stress and anxiety, but improve mood, clarity, and energy levels.  Why not start the day stress-free instead?  By incorporating some of these surprisingly calming, yet energizing elements into your morning routine, you might not even need to break out the evening lavender ritual.


Have a big presentation or meeting coming up?  Mornings, when we have high-pressure days ahead of us, are sure to result in stress, frustration, and sour moods.  Stress can cause headaches, muscle tension, and even high blood pressure.  Aromatherapy studies have shown that lemongrass may provide anti-anxiety properties that encourage a relaxed feeling, reducing stress, relieving tension, and promoting concentration.  The best part?  This fresh, citrus element boost your immune system, leaving feeling ready to take on the day.

Try our Lemongrass Sage Soy Candle or Diffuser Oil for lasting relaxation that will melt your morning worries away.


Citrus scents have been proven to stimulate the autonomic nervous system, boosting the natural production of serotonin, a hormone that elevates your mood and causes you to feel energized and refreshed.  The natural properties of Orange essential oils can support improved cognitive function, as studies in Alzheimer’s patients have shown some relief from common symptoms following use of orange and other citrus properties.  This stimulation of the mind is sure to pump you up for facing whatever your weekday might throw at you.

Try our Orange Chili Pepper Soy Candle or Diffuser Oil for a boost in mood and energy.


Basil is probably an herb that you’re all too familiar with.  From the toppings on your Margherita  pizza to the pesto spread of your Caprese panini, Basil is a hugely popular addition to many delicious dishes.  However, Basil can do more for you than stimulate your taste buds into eating a slice too many.  Basil has naturally energizing properties, working by stimulating your adrenal glands and reducing that morning funk often caused by brain fog.

Try our Cool Citrus Basil Soy Candle or Diffuser Oil for some much-need mental clarity.

Who said calming has to be reserved for bedtime only?  By including scents such as citrusy lemon and orange, or herbal basil into your morning routine, you are more likely to start the day with an improved mood, calmed mind and body, and feel energized to power through your workday like never before.

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