Free Shipping on orders over $30

Free Shipping on orders over $30

About Us

There just had to be a better candle.  Mallory’s Candles was founded to create a better candle.  A candle that we would want to burn in our own home as well as give to family and friends.  We had high expectations.  It had to be eco-friendly, natural, renewable, sourced from American products, and absolutely amazingly fragrant.

In 2010 and after a successful career in corporate America, Michael Holmes started the quest for the better candle.  Friends were enlisted to evaluate the aromatic fragrances.  After each new batch, the feedback was better and better until we had a clean burning candle which promoted reusability and sustainability and most importantly would fill your home with an unforgettable experience.

At first, the candles that were made were just shared with close friends. By word of mouth, more friends and then friends of friends came for these amazing candles. The more candles were made the more people started coming back for more, and this way Mallory’s Candles came into being.

We still make our candles with same great care and passion as we did at the start of it all in 2010.  Hand-poured in small batches using the finest natural ingredients is our way.

If you ever don’t like your Mallory’s Candle, just bring it back for a refund. It’s that simple.

In case you are wondering why the name ‘Mallory’, it’s my middle name.


Michael Mallory Holmes
Founder & Chief Candle Maker
Mallory’s Candles