About Us

Mallory Candle Co was founded in 2010 was the sole intent to create a better candle. Michael Holmes, founder, has always enjoyed a home filled with wonderful natural scents as they are a reminder of a fond memory, a creator of a “present” space or an inspiration for the next adventure.

I found that so many of the products on the market were full of chemicals and just bad stuff. So, I set out to create a better amazingly scented natural soy candle. I also had high standards for it to be eco-friendly, renewable, reusable, and sourced from US products. After many iterations, I had a candle that I wanted to put my name on. Mallory is my middle name.

The little candle company grew over the years with many loyal returning customers telling their friends & family. It has as been a controlled and sustained grown until early 2018 when I decided to make the leap and leave my corporate America job after 30 years to focus completely on Mallory.

Our candles are still hand-crafted with the same high standards of the first candles… we just make many more of them. In fact, we have a life-time guarantee on each candle. If you are ever not satisfied with one of our candles for any reason, we will take it back with no questions asked. After all, it is all about enjoying life.


Our Philosophy

KEEP IT SIMPLE. The more natural our product, the more pure your experience. We use only the most essential ingredients in a true artisanal tradition, creating a product I am proud to carry my family name.

BE A GOOD NEIGHBOR. We create products from sustainable, eco-friendly sources protecting our planet for the future. We nurture and embrace our growing, diverse communities being a good neighbor to all.

DO THE RIGHT THING. Integrity in all our actions. We value each unique relationship with our customers and with our partners. We go the extra mile to ensure your experience is exceptional. We admit when we make a mistake and we make it right.

ENJOY LIFE. Life is made of moments. We value each with family and friends - new or old.

Dream. Plan. Act. Enjoy. Repeat.

Michael Holmes
Founder & Candle Artisan
Mallory Candle Co