Offer Gifts that Close Real Estate Deals

Getting and closing real estate deals is all about making clients happy. If you offer a special real estate experience that makes your clients feel good about choosing your services, you’ll be taking your brand forward – setting you apart from your competition.

That’s why we bring you a simple but very powerful way to offer something special and different – special label gifts that lead to closed real estate deals:

From a welcoming candle with your brand that you can offer to a new client

To branded giveaways that you can have on open houses and marketing events

Offering labeled candles when deals are closed

Offering these gifts to your clients will make a simple gesture of appreciation that will not go unnoticed. It will be especially remembered when your clients feel the warm light and delightful scents of these deal-making candles at their homes or offices – which their guests will also notice and appreciate.


Every client wants to feel special and to receive a special treatment.

These gifts will give a professional and long lasting impression,
offering you a tremendous return on investment that can generate:

Visitors who turn into new clients
New clients who lead to closed deals
Happy clients who become loyal and choose your services for new needs

Loyal clients who refere you to their friends & professional contacts.


Closing Gifts

New Client Gifts


All of our candles are made with earth friendly vegetable based soy bean oil.

Our renewable Soy Beans are grown in the USA supporting American Farmers.

No blends, no fillers, no additives or no artificial colors are ever used in our products.

Natural clean burning cotton wicks are used produces no soot and no toxins.

Handmade in small batches ensuring a highly fragrant long lasting candle.

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